Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive LogoIn case you’ve ignored all my link updates below, let me tell you how unbelievably awesome the Free Music Archive is. It’s really, really awesome! So awesome, I head to my favorites list on FMA every time I hear an ad on Pandora for endless, ad-less entertainment. And all of the music has some variety of permissive-licensing, from public domain to the more restrictive FMA-limited license, including the CC licenses.

And now, I just saw there’s an FMA API for access to their data. I want to complain about the lack of gratuitous RSS feeds, but with an API, I should first see if it’s not already in there somewhere. NerdLoveSpasm!

One thought on “Free Music Archive

  1. ignore nothing…
    want to spend some quality hours figuring out how to & listening…
    busy day photographing dolphin swim by. anhinga fly by & Americana, real deep Americana…
    can’t wait to see what our resident music nerd musician has to say about music…
    As Theresa brewer said/sang
    All I want is
    Music, Music,Music…

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