N is for Ninja Burger

Ninja Burger Cover

From the Geek Alphabet comes the letter N, for Ninja Burger.

Back in 2000, I collaborated with some friends at 9th Level Games on the first role-playing game adaptation of Ninja Burger. I did mostly flavor text and brainstorming how to have the players act stupid and make fools of themselves. That was the genius of 9th Level–it was all about getting the players to abandon inhibitions by building it into the games. Not that you can get too academic about the Beer-n-Pretzels games, but they really were built like elaborate icebreakers. Once you’ve shouted, “All Hail King Torg!” next to someone, you’re going to be able to interact with them. Plus, it’s just darn good fun.

Eventually the license went sour between 9LG and the IP owners of NB. That was after my time. There was a 2nd edition RPG and a card game from SJG. Now, I may be biased, but none of them captured the spirit of Ninja Burger like the original game. As any ninja will tell you, ninja are perfect and stupid gaijin game designers are not.

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