BBH Interviewed

(Moses)- This was quite a while ago, but here’s the story as I remember Alan telling it to me:

“I wish”, says Bernie McCabe, “that there was some kind of bodily signal, some kind of clear biological signal, not like a yawn, something that people did to politely tell someone else that they were getting bored.”

“Like what?” says Alan.

“I don’t know”, says his dad. “Maybe some kind of flap on the top of your head that slowly lifted up as you were getting bored. Then this guy would’ve seen the flap going up, realized what was going on, and said, “Oh, but you’ve probably got to go – I don’t mean to keep you.”

This story apparently inspired Alan to suggest his band be named Bernie Bernie Headflap. I got outvoted three to one. 🙂

… and …

(Kit)- As a guitar player, my top three influences are Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead and the good parts of old Rush (think “Cygnus X-1”, not “Closer to the Heart”). Of course, BBH is a completely different animal, and to approach my duties in this band from the perspective of screamy blues, proto-thrash or Canadian geek rock would sound forced and awkward. Did you ever hear a metal band try to cover a Pixies song? I have. F*cking horrible. Often trying to wear your influences on your sleeve and jam them all into one creative outlet sounds like just that. Music is as much knowing what and when not to play as going out there and shredding all over the damn place. For BBH, I look to Matt Hicks, Paul Chell, Joey Santiago and Johnny Marr for inspiration. Solid but (usually) subtle playing.

Uh, wow! It’s pretty unbelievable to be mentioned next to those guitarists. Thanks, Kit!

There are those last few members with whom I’ve lost touch and can’t track down… it would be interesting to read their opinions about BBH’s affects on their lives.

Well, if I’d seen the interview in time, I would have been auditioning for a drummer gig!

2 thoughts on “BBH Interviewed

  1. I need to break out my Cheese on Wheat now that I have Blind at Night, Christopher Walken and Xenophobe in rotation stuck in my head… Thanks, Matt.

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