The Zero Inbox

When I was at my last job I maintained a zero inbox, the mystical, near-nirvana state of getting to the bottom of your email every time you check email. Not zero unread messages–ZERO MESSAGES!

The mantra is something like “Don’t check email, process email.”

So I took a new job 3 months ago. Being new, I had fewer emails that required action, but more in that gray area of “will I need to know or find this in the future?” The result: big inbox. I made a few attempts to process or organize. The new work account averages around 300 emails a month (miniscule compared to the last job). Current inbox: 652. My goal this week is zero.

The gmail inbox went to zero this morning.

Three months should be enough time in the new job for me to know what’s important enough to keep for future reference and what can get tossed. It will be an interesting exercise this week to see how on- or off-the-mark my earlier attempts at organization were.

And, oh, yeah… I’ll try to post here some more.

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