Karaoke and Theater Connections

It was the weekend of meet-people-in-theater.

Friday, I learned my co-worker, who is a musical theater performer and occassional staff member, was moving to Boston. Good luck, Geoff.

Saw Coyote on a Fence at Stagecrafters Saturday night. Friday, I’d met one of the cast, Ray Saputelli, at my all-time-favorite non-smoking bar, Mad Anthony’s. (It looks nothing like the pictures.) Since it was the last night of the show, I told him I’d catch it. They did a really great job. Technically, it’s a very difficult play–a brave choice by the Stagecrafters organization.

After the show, I headed to the bar. I met Ben and Gia who are involved with Footlighters. I also met Heather, but that’s a different story for another time. Apparently, Gia’s birthday is sometime around now and their group was celebrating. I mentioned I just saw Coyote, they said they were with Footlighters. Really? Great. You know, I stage managed for at Players’ Club once. Yada yada.

Working for George Mulford at PCS was a great pleasure. But, theater politics stink, and the show was Wit, which after about the third performance has you ready to slit your wrists. By the end, I was burnt out and just wanted it over. There was no enjoyment left.

Wit was fantastically directed and acted, but it’s also a technically difficult play. Hospital and prison settings should be avoided by theaters without Broadway budgets. The sets are just too difficult to pull off. There were several times during both Wit and Coyote that I felt peril for set pieces. I admit there’s little for small budget theaters to do but cope, but it becomes an unfortunate distraction during critical points in the performance.

So, Gia told me they greatly needed a stage manager at Footlighters. *Sigh* How could I refuse a girl on her birthday? I sent them an email. We’ll see what happens. At least it’s closer to work and home than PCS.

I also met Eileen, the owner of the karaoke business. As an ice breaker I asked how often she hired people. She very kindly reminded me throughout the night to email her. She sang harmony with me on “Anthony’s Song” which I dedicated to Heather.

It’s quite a crew that surrounds her karaoke business. I think they follow each other around the weekly circuit, partying to karaoke. Interesting. I sent the email.

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