Bernie Bernie Headflap

Al, Chris, Moses and me. The original Bernie Bernie Headflap. “Better living through BBH.” We’d wanted to trademark it. I think we’d named the first ten albums or something before we’d had ten songs. It was incredibly fun fantasy.

We won two or three battles of the bands at our college. Earned ourselves the right to open for ‘Live’ on campus. That wasn’t as much fun as the battles of the band–too much pressure. But I remember the sound & light guys seemed to like us better than ‘Live’, as people if not as a band, I’m not really sure. It didn’t matter. Either way, that kicked ass.

Winter of 1994 was the end of my involvement. I was in the middle of a crisis that has yet to be put on paper, working two jobs*, dating, and acting as taxi for a bunch of the band. Something had to give. I gave up the band. Being broke only sucks if you have debts and responsibilities. That wasn’t a problem until I was out of college.

The band was wrapping up recording our first solo CD at Creep Records. They took my name off, and relaid most of my tracks I think. That doesn’t matter because the songs are divine.

BBH has gone through a lot of evolution since I left, but it still exists as Al’s brainchild. Seems fitting, since the band was named after an idea his dad had–and Al always was the most prolific songwriter among us.

Moses left next after me, I heard. He was teaching at Rutgers and had a girlfriend or wife or something. I guess they asked Chris to leave at some point. I bumped into Chris at the Valley Forge Brewing Company one night some years back. He said the style of BBH had changed to where he no longer fit in. He was working for NovaCare and moving to Connecticut with his girlfriend from college. We talked about putting together a band to do Tom Waits covers in coffeehouses. I think we both knew it would never happen, but it was incredibly fun fantasy.

* So what if it was a comic book store and a games distribution warehouse? hours are hours, dammit!

5 thoughts on “Bernie Bernie Headflap

  1. Actually, Chris left before me. I played with BBH as late as summer 1998 in Austin, TX. Al, Mike from Wally, and me. For the record, my “wife or girlfriend or something” and I have been married for over a decade and have two wonderful little girls. I’m the biology department chair at a great college at the shore in NJ.

    Later, Graham.

    – Mo

  2. Moses! I can’t believe I am only just now seeing your comment.

    Congratulations on the family and job!

    Austin, TX? That’s incredible!

  3. Hey, Matt.

    Me and Alan and Kit are about to put an album out – “Fear of People”. I convinced Alan that we should put “Annihilation” on it. Alan, me, and Kit on vox, and me doing all the instruments. Give it a listen when it comes out, huh?

    – Moses

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